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Victory Musics Services brings experience and excellence to your conference recording. With nine years of experience in conference recording we can ensure that your recording will be of the highest quality. We do on-site sound editing so your event is on CDs and ready to distribute by its close. We bring our own recording and editing equipment. We take the stress out of your conference recording so you can enjoy your event more while its happening and give you quality sound to take home with you. Victory Music Service can then host your recordings here on our website making them easily accessible and affordable to everyone.

Victory Music Services was started in 2009 in Rio Linda, CA.  Lavern Yoder enjoyed music and was involved in various singing and music projects before that and finally decided that the hobby was becoming a business. In 2009, Victory Music Services purchased SON Recording of Bristow, VA and took on the contract to provide recordings for the annual Beachy Ministers’ Meetings.  Also that same year, Victory Music Services became involved in the annual Anabaptist Identity Conference doing the recording and broadcasting for the conference. In the years following 2010, Victory Music Services has continued to help various tent meetings and conferences by providing equipment, advice, and recording expertise.  Lavern continues to travel to record conferences onsite as well as providing duplication and editing services to other conferences. In 2014, Victory Music Services was donated to Streetlight Christian Ministries to help fund the inner-city work that Lavern and his wife Rosanna are involved with in Sacramento, CA. Victory Music Services has expanded to provide for the needs of its customers.  Besides continuing to provide expertise to conferences, we now provide services like cassette conversion, audio editing, on disc printing, and helping singing groups with the legalities of copyright law.

Why do event coordinators keep choosing Victory Music Services?

CDs are ready for the attendees to take home ten minutes after the speaker steps off the stage.

From conference recording and mass CD duplication to assistance navigating copyright law for the songs you need for a new album Victory Music Services is your recordings partner.

Many of our services are done at cost. If you would like to be a part of this work by making a monetary donation please click below. We thank you for your interest in this work and pray God’s blessing on you.

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sweetness to the soul and health to the body.

What is Streetlight Christian Ministries?

Lavern started doing conference recording in 2009, when he took the job over from SON Recordings. Little did Lavern know at the time that one day Victory Music Services would play a vital role in the operation of a children’s ministry. Your choice to work with Victory Music Services makes you a vital part of shining God’s love into the lives of inner city Sacramento, CA children’s hearts. Read More…

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