Anabaptist Identity Conference 2015


Here you can order the Anabaptist Identity Conference 2015 complete set of CDs to be mailed or as an MP3 digital download. If you want to purchase & download the individual MP3 messages separately, click on the links below.

Tricycle Christianity: The Way, The Truth, The Life - MP3 DownloadErnest Strubhar$1.49
Fundamentalism & the Descendants of Menno - MP3 DownloadChester Weaver$1.49
Gemeinde Or Kirche: Where Would Jesus Fellowship? - MP3 DownloadJohn D. Martin$1.49
Evangelical Protestantism & How to Lose the Kingdom in One Generation - MP3 DownloadDavid Bercot$1.49
Halting Between Two Opinions: To Be or Not to Be - MP3 DownloadNathan Overholt$1.49
Our Anabaptist Farming Heritage - MP3 DownloadDavid Kline, Jr.$1.49
Establishing Kingdom Communities Part 1 - MP3 DownloadDean Taylor$1.49
A Call To Gelasenheit - MP3 DownloadChester Weaver$1.49
Building On A Wise Foundation: Stewards in a Hostile World - MP3 DownloadDavid Kline, Jr.$1.49
Panel Discussion: The Turtle Wins - MP3 Download$1.49
Two Kingdoms In Conflict: The Power of the Story - MP3 DownloadErnest Strubhar$1.49
The Russian Mennonite Story: The Golden Era - MP3 DownloadChester Weaver$1.49
Holy Worldliness - MP3 DownloadMatthias Overholt$1.49
Secrets Of The Kingdom Life - MP3 DownloadDavid Bercot$1.49
The Russian Mennonite Story: The Bitter End of the Journey - MP3 DownloadChester Weaver$1.49
My Journey To Anabaptism - MP3 DownloadJohn D. Martin$1.49
Why Anabaptists Are Not Welcome in Most Anabaptist Churches - MP3 DownloadDavid Bercot$1.49
Establishing Kingdom Communities Part 2 - MP3 DownloadDean Taylor$1.49


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