Anabaptist Identity Conference 2024


Here you can order the Anabaptist Identity Conference 2024 complete set of CDs or USB Flash Drive to be mailed or as an MP3 digital download. If you want to purchase & download the individual MP3 messages separately, click on the links below.

The Pyramids, Abraham Lincoln, & Psalm 78 - MP3 DownloadAndrew Ste. Marie$1.49
A Symbol of Authority - MP3 DownloadJustin Denlinger$1.49
The Deacon’s Choice - MP3 DownloadLeroy Hershberger$1.49
The Wise Shoemaker - MP3 DownloadLeroy Hershberger$1.49
The Kingdom Constitution - MP3 DownloadJohn D. Martin$1.49
Preying “Christians” - MP3 DownloadDavid Bercot$1.49
From Reprobate Minds Returning - MP3 DownloadPatrick Matthews$1.49
Hunger Resources: Where’s the Food & Who’s Getting It - MP3 DownloadJohn Higgins$1.49
Anabaptist Buggy Tours - MP3 DownloadPhilip Showalter$1.49
The Anabaptists: A Continuation of Ancient Faith - MP3 DownloadDavid Bercot$1.49
My Journey to Radical Christianity - MP3 DownloadSteve Williams$1.49
Are the Turtles Beating Us? - MP3 DownloadBrandon Byler$1.49
To Suceava With Love - MP3 DownloadLeroy Hershberger$1.49
Anabaptists & Artificial Intelligence - MP3 DownloadChester Weaver$1.49
Youth Topic: A Story of Grace and Mercy - MP3 DownloadMichael Miller$1.49
Documentary—Mennonites: the Peaceful Revolution - MP3 DownloadChester Weaver$1.49
Panel Discussion - MP3 DownloadJohn D. Martin$1.49


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