Beachy Ministers Meeting 2024


Here you can order the Beachy Ministers Meeting 2024 complete set of CDs or USB drives to be mailed or as an MP3 digital download. If you want to purchase & download the individual MP3 messages separately, click on the links below.

01 Teamwork Produces SynergyLee Fisher$1.99
02 The Masters Builders’ Mandate to BuildKevin Mullet/Brian Bontrager$1.99
03 The Foundation: Jesus ChristErnest Strubhar$1.99
04 Building by the BlueprintTim Yoder$1.99
05 Laborers Together with GodDale Miller$1.99
06 Builders FatigueMerle Beachy$1.99
07 Building Materials: Gold & Silver or Wood, Hay, & StubbleMaurice Graber$1.99
08 Keeping the Local Church Attractive and GloriousGary Miller$1.99
09 Will Your Work Stand the TestLucas Hilty$1.99


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