Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2023


Here you can order the Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2023 complete set of CDs or a USB drive to be shipped to you. Digital downloads are not available for this set. If you want to purchase individual messages separately, please contact us.

Disc 01—How the Gospel Spread in 16th Century EuropeAndrew Ste. Marie
Disc 02—Spiritual Preparations for Kingdom WorkElisha Byler
Disc 03—Equipping For Ministry in the Church (includes Q&A)Raymond Glick
Disc 04—God’s Blueprint for Heaven on EarthKevin Brechbill
Disc 05—Prepare for BattleSam Stoltzfus
Disc 06—The Church That Overcomes SatanJoel Martin
Disc 07—Becoming a Pillar in the ChurchPhilip Showalter
Disc 08—Spiritual Disciplines in the Context of Marriage and MotherhoodMariel Frost
Disc 09—The Practice of Spiritual DisciplinesElisha Byler
Disc 10—Panel Discussion: 21st Century Temptations and Distractions Facing the ChurchVarious
Disc 11—Gelassenheit, Community, and Brotherhood AgreementsDale Heisey
Disc 12—Fulfilling the Mission of the ChurchTrent Eikenberry


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